Live Set

Bass House Breaks Techno with Tactus by Hamish Campbell

Improvised mix with Tactus, using 2 laptops running Ableton Live with 2 MIDI controllers, in a combination of djing, looping, fx and pattern play.

Check out Tactus's other work here:

01. DanieL Bazz - The Black Meat Remix
02. Morphamish - Low Slung (live)
03. DaneiL Bazz - Ace
04. Morphamish - Magic Otter Blues (live)
05. Tactus - Refueled
06. Horizontal - Bum Trips (Morphamish remix) (live)
07. Presk - Headway
08. Morphamish - And The Dawn View Continues [thanks to Asthmatic Astronaut, Rikki+Texture] (live)
09. The Setup - Grindstone
10. Morphamish - Another Position VPL (live)
11. Tactus - Red Tide
12. Morphamish - Levitate (live)
13. G.Davies - Crowbar
14. Morphamish - Get My Fix (live)

Breakstep/Dubstep - Phuture Motive Promo Live Set by Hamish Campbell

Promo mix for the Phuture Motive and Black Lantern Music collectives

All tracks rolled out live with pattern play except where shown
All tracks by Morphamish except where shown

1 Bum Trips (Morphamish Remix)- Horizontal
2 Future Is Freakish- Morphamish & Paranoise
3 Hold Sway- Morphamish
4 Invincible- Morphamish
5 Pretty Meaty- Morphamish
6 Glutton Chops- Morphamish
7 No More Funny Bizniz VIP [DJed] - Morphamish
8 Regular Monster / Low Slung- Morphamish
9 Definite Urge Mode [DJed]- Morphamish
10 Definite Urge Mode VIP- Morphamish
11 You Puke Like A Horse- Morphamish


Liveset at ETC 09-dressing up theme-Away With The Fairies [14-09-2012] by Hamish Campbell

This was recorded at our massively fun club ETC. Every month has a different theme for dressing up+decor. September's was Away With The Fairies. This live set is a fair dose of nasty hard techno/breaks/hardcore with a sprinkling of fairy/mushroom banter created specifically for the night. The music at ETC always varies, starting a bit mellower and usually going to a harder place. This gives you an idea of the intensity of a 1-2 set, and how I like to tailor a bit of theme specific stuff for each time.

I love that the stylus on the decks picked up the crowd sound at the end of the set! Happy sweaty times.

(all music written and performed by myself)

Bouncy Techno Live Set for Fnoob Radio Technothon August 2011 by Hamish Campbell

Bouncy Techno Live Set for Fnoob Radio Technothon August 2011

1. Whatever I Feel Like (techno mix)
2. Big Picture (techno mix)
3. Idea
4. Bottums Up
5. Piece Of Cake
6. Levitate (acid mix)
7. Technoid
8. Metric Fucktonne (techno mix)
9. Le Radge
10. Kickback
11. Face The Darkness/ You Puke Like A Horse (techno mix)
12. Get Twisted (techno mix)

All tracks produced and performed by Morphamish