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Fri 21st Mar - Black Lantern Music on Future Music FM - 4x4 radio special (hosted by Krowne + Strut, I've got the night off  
Sat 29th Mar - Honky Tonk with Chapel Perilous Soundsystem - Live set o the hard stuff (on after 3.30) 
Fri 18th Apr - Black Lantern Music on Future Music FM - ETC radio special 2nd birthday warm up show!!!! 
Fri 18th Apr - ETC 2nd Birthday 2 room Extravaganza - Enchanted Under The Sea with special guest Dolphin (Deathchant/Planet Mu) - Bassy techno live set in the techno reef
Fri 9th May - Warm Fuzzy - Warm fuzzy live set


The latest Black Lantern Music Show on Future Music FM. This one's predominantly all about the straight up techno. There's of course a lorra other stuff thrown in but that;s the drift ye ken ya dig ya know? Ok/// Oh Mercy! We have threeeeee oh yes I say 3 killer sets for your delectation this time. 
Firstly the wonder that is Filthy Rich delivers a beast of a dj set taking in fresh beats and classic techno seamlessly and feverishly blended. This man has made me lose my tiny mind in so many unfathomable locations of the mind and location over the years, as well as places like the Calton Studios and the Venue, its an honour and joy to have him on the show.

That sumptuous aural treat is followed by another! A marvelous hypnotic expansive super fresh hot off the press live set of rolling lean crisply clean but being dirty techno from Aodh (possibly known to you previously as Octophant, from the fucking super hearty and tremendous Shake Yer Shoulders crew).

Satisfied? NO? You're an ANIMAL. We like you.

Ok, well then here's a cheeky oldschool dj set our very own Krowne from 2009 (2009 is oldschool now? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck) , its a peach, and so are you for listening. Mwah!

Ello from the radio!

Is it news if its a bit late? Well no matter I'm atellin you now.

We've been doing more radio shows, here's the one from a couple of months ago featuring a monster guest mix from Chimping and LCD-Licious of Nelly Rogers Records.... its a beaut!

BLM on Future Music FM with special guests Tactus and Gary The Apprentice

The latest installment of our Future Music FM show is now up on the archive, featuring guest mixes from Tactus (ABAGA Records) (bassy goodness) and Gary The Apprentice  (GTA Digital) (banging techno meatyness), as well as a varied selection of techno, bass, breaks and hip hop from Krowne and yours truly. Wrap yer lugoles round them thar beauties...  

You can view the tracklist, download and check out the Texture and Asthmatic Astronaut hosted shows too on the Black Lantern mixcloud


ETC is back on the sesh this Hogmanay at Henry's with very special guest DJ WOTTAMESS! (Don't Radio Show/ Twisted Giblet Radio)


with visuals from: VJ MAVDOG

BLM on Future Music FM with special guest Mr Pharmacist

Check Out Last Weeks Show:
Scottish label Black Lantern Music present 2 hours of underground techno and 
electronic music, from BLM curators Morphamish and Krowne.

This month, they present a very special guest mix by Mr. Pharmacist aka Terry McClean (Bad Taste Sessions, Omagh).
Mr. Pharmacist's radio show can be found here:


Raise the Black Lantern.

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So the site's had a fairly major revamp... its still work in progress so stay tuned forsome more new features soon.

Though I've been taking a break from gigging for the last few months we've been having a great time with the radio show on Future Music FM. We're thrilled with the response from you lot, thanks! Check out the archive for the shows we've put out so far.