Breakstep/Dubstep - Phuture Motive Promo Live Set / by Hamish Campbell

Promo mix for the Phuture Motive and Black Lantern Music collectives

All tracks rolled out live with pattern play except where shown
All tracks by Morphamish except where shown

1 Bum Trips (Morphamish Remix)- Horizontal
2 Future Is Freakish- Morphamish & Paranoise
3 Hold Sway- Morphamish
4 Invincible- Morphamish
5 Pretty Meaty- Morphamish
6 Glutton Chops- Morphamish
7 No More Funny Bizniz VIP [DJed] - Morphamish
8 Regular Monster / Low Slung- Morphamish
9 Definite Urge Mode [DJed]- Morphamish
10 Definite Urge Mode VIP- Morphamish
11 You Puke Like A Horse- Morphamish