Audio Hug Autumn 2016 by Hamish Campbell

 Artwork by  James Page

Artwork by James Page

This mix was 42nd in the Lounge chart, 77th in the Downtempo chart, 82nd in the Chillout chart and 100th in the Ambient chart.


Stepasaur - Stepisode 10 00.00                     

Monetrik - The Weird The Happy 2.36          

Je$u$ (Germany) - Rollin' Rough 4.45            

Panoram - Awake Walk 6.12

Burning Bright - The Cherry Tree 9.20

? -  Happy Birthday Brother   12.01

Tryptamines - Metropolis   14.30     

Kin KlaveVS Dorothy Ashby - My Favourite Things 19.04

Blend Crafters - Melody feat. MF Doom (Freddie Joachim Remix) 21.10

Edamame -  Levelled 22.36

Flywalker - Full Fat Jazz 24.20

Kalamari Beats - Let It Be 26.51

Bram E Geiben - Keep Going (1st Reading) 27.00

The Brighton Beat - Sweet Baby Chazz 30.14 

Audio Hug August 2016 by Hamish Campbell

  Artwork by James Page   http://jamescraigpage.co.uk/

Artwork by James Page http://jamescraigpage.co.uk/

100 % Warm mellow beat blend for you to get the jollies to :)


Bembaya Jazz National - O.E.R.S. (Morphamish repitch bootleg edit) 00.00

MAKO MCR -  Pendelino Neck Crack 2.55

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation 5.30

Handbook - Here We Go 8.12

? - Purple 10.55

Tony Allen - Ikeja Roads 14.48

Kosma - Regeneration 17.00

Lee Scratch Perry - The Girls Them Love Dub 22.02

The Brighton Beat - Fancy Beast 24.41

Fris - Side B 32.46  

Banging Funky Techno Mix July 2016 by Hamish Campbell

 Artwork by Gwendel Ungen: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gwendalcentrifugue/ 

Artwork by Gwendel Ungen: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gwendalcentrifugue/ 

A banging funky partytime tweaked out techno workout featuring new stuff, classics, and some non techno in a new context, plus some current and forthcoming releases on Riot Radio Records and a quiet RIOT.

[Dat Wan Der - Morphamish, Toy Hat - Ghost By Nature, Jegger (Morphamish techno remix) - Dave Tarrida, Rump (RIOT remix) - Jerome Hill]


Souleance - Tartare 00.00 

Morphamish - Dat Wan Der 1.48 

Gui Boratto - Arquipelago (Original Mix) 6.04  

Liquid Liquid - Optimo 10.19  

Ghost by Nature - Toy Hat 12.53 

Dyro & Jacob van Hade - EMP (Original Mix) 16.39  

Dave Tarrida - Jegger (Morphamish Techno Remix) 20.54 

Marco P - Mindspace 25.34 

Neil Landstrumm - Takks 28.24 

Manicured Noise - Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix)  29.51 

Maximum_Busy_Muscle-HES025 31.34  

Jerome Hill - Rump (RIOT Remix)  34.25  

The_Squire_Of_Gothos - Cum Wid Dat 37.43 

Ceephax_Acid_Crew - Lovejoy Acid (Original Mix) 39.05 

Patrick Dawes - Metal Dog (Original Mix) 42.47

Luke Slater -  Engine One (Original Mix) 43.30

Lukes Anger Vs Metronomy - Highscore/ You Could Easily Have Me (Morphamish Bootleg) 45.15 

Audio Hug Mix July 2016 by Hamish Campbell

  Artwork By James Page     http://tinyurl.com/gnjqtp9

Artwork By James Page http://tinyurl.com/gnjqtp9

Chilled out warm vibes all the way :)

Positive hip hop, dub, calypso ska, beats and bass, this and that thrown in for good measure.


1. Sitting In The Park by Burning Bright

2. Le Sucre by Jonny Faith

3. Summer Fruits by Swindle

4. Swing The Clipper by Yoshinori Sunahara

5. Wild Honey Pie by The Beatles

6. Montego Bay Spleen by Saint Germain

7. You Look Good (Morphamish Repitch Bootleg) by John Hegley

8. Cycles (Original Mix) by Fliptrix

9. Extra Thick by Paper Buildings

10. Calling by So. Hi.

11. Show Dub by Resonators

12. Party Of Special Things To Do by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

13. Calypso Steel Drum Ska Track by Unknown

14. Naminote by Susumu Yotota

Techno Bass Breaks Mix June 2016 by Hamish Campbell

 Artwork by Gwendal Uguen  https://www.flickr.com/photos/gwendal...

June's banging mix, this time its full of techno, bass, breaks, afro percussion and sonic freakery.

This upload 25th in the Beats chart, 32nd in the Bass chart and 44th in the Funk chart.


1. Sneaky Acid Dub Mix by Richy Ahmed

2. Loose Change by Kamikaze Space Programme

3. Turtledactyl by Too Many Zoos

4. Get Me What You Want by Bok_Bok_Tom_Trago

5. Gone To A Better Place (D-Malice Deep Vision's Mix) by Roska

6. Gila Hamster by Paul Birken

7. German Clap by Modeselektor

8. Magic Johnson by Max Graef & Glenn Astro

9. Playfulness by Clap! Clap!

10. Drugly Drunk by Tobias Schmidt

11. Gegen (I Want To Move) (Hyenaz Edit) by Paula Temple

12. Clan (Archie Pelago Overdub) by Wattville

13. Love by Golden Teacher

14. Gumption Junction by Morphamish

15. Popflex by Eomac

16. You're So Alien by Justin Berkovi

17. Techno Dread by 2562


Audio Hug Mix June 2016 by Hamish Campbell

Sunny vibes for you to get the jollies to :)

This upload was 9th in the Afrobeat chart, 18th in the Lounge chart, 22nd in the Downtempo chart, 22nd in the Ambient chart and 25th in the Chillout chart.


1. Ty Let’s Start

2.  Love Unlimited Orchestra Strange Games and Things  

3. Lemon Jelly - Homage To Patagonia 

4. Jonny Faith -Sundial

5. Cutlass Dance Band - Sukuu Yede

6. Stepasaur - Stepisode 2

7. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam

8. Souleance - Hustle ft. VECT

9. The Shaolin Afronauts - All Who Pass

10.  Jo - Punters Step Out

11. Wagon Christ - Work out

12. Bonobo - Pick Up 



Bass House Breaks Techno with Tactus by Hamish Campbell

Improvised mix with Tactus, using 2 laptops running Ableton Live with 2 MIDI controllers, in a combination of djing, looping, fx and pattern play.

Check out Tactus's other work here:

01. DanieL Bazz - The Black Meat Remix
02. Morphamish - Low Slung (live)
03. DaneiL Bazz - Ace
04. Morphamish - Magic Otter Blues (live)
05. Tactus - Refueled
06. Horizontal - Bum Trips (Morphamish remix) (live)
07. Presk - Headway
08. Morphamish - And The Dawn View Continues [thanks to Asthmatic Astronaut, Rikki+Texture] (live)
09. The Setup - Grindstone
10. Morphamish - Another Position VPL (live)
11. Tactus - Red Tide
12. Morphamish - Levitate (live)
13. G.Davies - Crowbar
14. Morphamish - Get My Fix (live)

Breakstep/Dubstep - Phuture Motive Promo Live Set by Hamish Campbell

Promo mix for the Phuture Motive and Black Lantern Music collectives

All tracks rolled out live with pattern play except where shown
All tracks by Morphamish except where shown

1 Bum Trips (Morphamish Remix)- Horizontal
2 Future Is Freakish- Morphamish & Paranoise
3 Hold Sway- Morphamish
4 Invincible- Morphamish
5 Pretty Meaty- Morphamish
6 Glutton Chops- Morphamish
7 No More Funny Bizniz VIP [DJed] - Morphamish
8 Regular Monster / Low Slung- Morphamish
9 Definite Urge Mode [DJed]- Morphamish
10 Definite Urge Mode VIP- Morphamish
11 You Puke Like A Horse- Morphamish


Drunken Party Mix at Knockengorroch 8-9-2012 by Hamish Campbell

Recorded at a party at the Knockengorroch site, about 4 in the morning, 8-9-2012

1 Get My Fix - Morphamish+Tekkerz,
2 Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker +3 Artwork - Red +4 Link Wray - The Rumble,
5 Profisee - Movin (Morphamish Remix 2),
6 Queens Of The Stone Age - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer,
7 Bang On The Floor- Mr Scruff + 8 Eagles Of Death Metal - Flames Go Higher,
9 Leftfield - Inspection (Check One),
10 Modeselektor - 2000007 Feat. Ttc,
11 Faith No More - We Care A Lot,
12 Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump,
13 Prince - Gett Off,
14 Dee-Lite -Groove Is In The Heart +15 Samba Squad - Seu Samba, Meu Samba+
16 Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia,
17 Howlin’ Wolf - Smokestack Lightening + 18 Untold - Fly Girls,
19 LCD Soundsystem - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Crass Version),
20 Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face,
21 Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple,
22 One Step Beyond - Madness,
23 Out Of Space - The Prodigy,
24 The Cure - Close To Me,
25 Bahamadia, Roni Size+ Reprazent - New Forms,
26 Althia And Donna - Uptown Top Rankin',
27 Roni Size + Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag + Roni Size + Reprazent - Railing,
28 The Pixies -Where Is My Mind?

Liveset at ETC 09-dressing up theme-Away With The Fairies [14-09-2012] by Hamish Campbell

This was recorded at our massively fun club ETC. Every month has a different theme for dressing up+decor. September's was Away With The Fairies. This live set is a fair dose of nasty hard techno/breaks/hardcore with a sprinkling of fairy/mushroom banter created specifically for the night. The music at ETC always varies, starting a bit mellower and usually going to a harder place. This gives you an idea of the intensity of a 1-2 set, and how I like to tailor a bit of theme specific stuff for each time.

I love that the stylus on the decks picked up the crowd sound at the end of the set! Happy sweaty times.

(all music written and performed by myself)

Bouncy Techno Live Set for Fnoob Radio Technothon August 2011 by Hamish Campbell

Bouncy Techno Live Set for Fnoob Radio Technothon August 2011

1. Whatever I Feel Like (techno mix)
2. Big Picture (techno mix)
3. Idea
4. Bottums Up
5. Piece Of Cake
6. Levitate (acid mix)
7. Technoid
8. Metric Fucktonne (techno mix)
9. Le Radge
10. Kickback
11. Face The Darkness/ You Puke Like A Horse (techno mix)
12. Get Twisted (techno mix)

All tracks produced and performed by Morphamish


Audio Hug Mix by Hamish Campbell

1/3 Morphamish tracks, 1/3 friends of mine, 1/3 people I've never met!

1 Rooflight - Evergreen Posy (feat Mary May)
[Soundcloud] Roof Light

2 Quantec - Infinite Regression
[Tru Thoughts] www.tru-thoughts.co.uk

3 Morphamish+B Burg - (Regina Felanji at) Rancho Relaxo [Unreleased] morphamish

4 Sorrow - Won't You Stay
[Soundcloud] Sorrow.

5 Kromatic - Flying Toads (Asthmatic Astronaut mix)
[Black Lantern Music] www.blacklanternmusic.com

6 Bonobo - Flutter
[Ninja Tune] ninjatune.net/

7 The Banana Sessions - The Drunken Dormouse
thebananasessions.bigcartel.com/product/yellow-ep www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJzEjv1w8A0

8 Tosca - Me and Yoko Ono
[Studio !K7] www.studio-k7.com

9 The Eaters - Enjoy the Ride
[Black Lantern Music] www.blacklanternmusic.com

10 Amy Mac + Morphamish - Mountain Song (Morphamish remix)
[Unreleased] morphamish

11 Daddy Scrabble - Tune For Ellie
[Black Lantern Music] www.blacklanternmusic.com

12 Morphamish - Burble Dub
[forthcoming Black Lantern Music] morphamish

13 Conquering Animal Sound - Flinch
[Gizeh records] www.gizehrecords.com

14 Eggchan - Le Chat
[Soundcloud] Eggchan

15 Morphamish+Trixster - Splinter (Morphamish remix)
[forthcoming Black Lantern Music] morphamish

Groovy Mix by Hamish Campbell

1/2 Morphamish tracks/ 1/4 friends of mine, 1/4 folk I've never met!
1 Under The Hood DFRNT+Paranoise Soundcloud
2 Exciting Times Morphamish Unreleased
3 Untangle Four Tet Domino
4 Whatever I Feel Like Morphamish Unreleased
5 Low Slung Morphamish Unreleased
6 Infinity City (extract) Morphamish Unreleased
7 Long Range Untold+Roska Numbers
8 Magic Otter Blues Morphamish Unreleased
9 Change (Made Up Sound Remix) Commix Metalheadz
10 Rockabilli Riddim - Blackwax+Hostage Soundcloud
11 Levitate Morphamish Unreleased

Improbable Mix by Hamish Campbell

This is an anything goes Improbable mix originally made for that point about noon at a rave/afterparty where everyone's still partying, but some folk are tired of mostly electronic music and want more organic 'real' music - things with lyrics etc, but you've also got some spangled people who want to keep dancing to beats, and a hell of a lot of drunk people who didn't realise they wanted to dance again.

So there's Ivor Cutler, Pixies, Zappa, Talking Heads, King Tubby, Bonzo Dog Dooda Band, Adult, Beastie Boys, Captain Beefheart, Sonic Youth, Le Tigre, Bridgette Bardot and loads of other stuff all intertwined with electronic beats taken from hiphop, techno, breaks, electro, french house and dnb/jungle to keep it freaky with the familiarity. Stuff like Freq Nasty, Kid 606, Shitmat, Anti Pop Consortium, Alex Gopher etc. Recorded this a fair few years ago.........