Afters and Copernican Shift released on BLM100 compilation / by Hamish Campbell

'Afters' and 'Copernican Shift' (with Texture) included on the epic 50 track compilation BLM100.

It’s a little over 5 years since we founded Black Lantern Music. It began as a home for a loose collective of Scottish musicians. The original core crew centred around the Chemical Poets, a live hip-hop / noise / spoken word project featuring emcees Tickle, Texture and Harlequinade, and musicians Asthmatic Astronaut, Gung-Who and mo-seph. 

The label also incorporated the various collaborations and solo projects that span out of the Chemical Poets – free party legend and production supremo Morphamish incorporated his Audiodacity label into BLM after collaborating with Texture as Double Helix in 2007, while Gung-Who and Harlequinade’s groundbreaking post-rap project Sileni, the focus of their successful ‘Neverzone’ live sessions, also came on board, as did Tickle, releasing EPs with producer Salem Anders as Burning Bright.