The Banana Sessions - Whirlpool (Morphamish, Daddy Scrabble & Dave Volitantes Remix) / by Hamish Campbell

A warm sunshiney lazy skanking dubby reggae remix of a song that was originally a more introspective number when beautifully comprised of just lead vocal, harp and backing vocals (

Check out The Banana Sessions, an incredible tea/buckfast swilling techno loving folk band. A firm festival favorite around the country, they ignite everywhere they play with the total rocking jollies. They have tonnes of recorded material available through their website

This remix was a collaboration between myself and fellow Black Lantern artist Daddy Scrabble @daddyscrabble, plus Dave from Volitantes @volitantes and Christ (

Part of a remix series with G. Kemp (Animal Hospital), T. Danger (Animal Hospital) & Dave Hook (Stanley Odd)