Upacomin Fings / by Hamish Campbell

Got a few events coming up over the next couple of month folks...

Up north to Aberdeen for new night Multikore on friday 21st November to play a tekno live set in a cheeky wee radge basement venue Drummonds, with the mighty KidProquop ( The Wab Lab founder and resident) rocking the dnb. The gig will be net cast by the Wablab crew. It will also be transmitted to the world with epic lazer display screens being erected at Madison Square Gardens, the Colloseum and the Great Pyramids. It will be piped into every shopping centre with time zone opposite to GMT. An image of my face will mysteriously appear in the clouds above Aberdeen. Those startled by the apparition seeking shelter would do well to duck for cover into Drummonds, where the process will be conducted by the Multikore laboratory care team, for your own good. You'll feel like a different person afterwards. Everything is going to be alright, calm down and look into this lazer beam.  

The marvelously talented folks at Wablab have kindly asked me on their live show the next evening. Its an experiment every time, with revolutionary breakthroughs in music, shaving technology and genetic modification guaranteed every time. Who knows what will happen or what plane of existence we will be transmitting from? Probably be doing a dj set and a live jam on that, but its all about following your nose on that one. Its often filmed as well so I've been getting my hairdo just right in preparation. Brace yourselves, have your geiger counters at the ready and lay in some snacks. 

On Hogmannay its the Linkylea Hogmannay Party. The full line up is yet to be revealed so don't even ask. Didn't I just say don't even ask? Stop hassling me. Christ!  Well ok I will tell you that I'm doing a party time dj set later on in the night. Satisfied? More? Bloody ell. OK! But I'm not spoiling the surprise, its for your own good. There's some very super wicked bands on and another dj playing, who is awesome. Just bide your time and you'll find out soon enough. It always sells out so mind and bag your tickets soon! Ok you can wait till the lineup is announced but then do it. Fine. I'm glad we had this little chat. Cleared the air a bit. Now go about your day. 

Oh alright first you can see that whole gif here