Gigs In August / by Hamish Campbell

I'm playing a gig every friday for the 1st 3 weeks of the Edinburgh festival. You know that means the wonders of the world come to the burg and we the barbaric Scots are trusted with 5 am licences. All very cool. 

On the 1st of August its Four by Four with special guest Mark Reeve (Drumcode /Soma/ Cocoon).

I'll be on after 3 am, doing a techno live set. Its at Studio 24. Big things for 4x4 as they are moving to a bigger venue as of this festival special!

On the 8th its ETC time again. The theme is Tekno Arcade and the guest is Johnny Sideways (Kaotek Wrecklords). Its a 2 room night, I'll be on the larger room doing a hard a fast live set with plenty thematically linked powered up tailor made for the evening type musics.

On the 15th is AMMA Does Techno (etc...) in a brand new super groovy venue.  AMMA is a mysterious entity run by the power of C.O.G.s who have the knack of putting on spellbinding events in unique and wonderful locations. What this space for details ;) AMMA will run  all month, with an extremely diverse bill, but this night is going to be technofest.