Dat Wan Der out now on a quiet RIOT by Hamish Campbell

4 track quiet RIOT sampler out today, featuring Dat Wan Der by myself, it's a cheeky bassy techno breakbeaty track with lots of funky percussion. Plus 3 more awesome tunes from 45tr4l, Leosoki and Ghost by Nature...

Direct buy link:

Afters and Copernican Shift released on BLM100 compilation by Hamish Campbell

'Afters' and 'Copernican Shift' (with Texture) included on the epic 50 track compilation BLM100.

It’s a little over 5 years since we founded Black Lantern Music. It began as a home for a loose collective of Scottish musicians. The original core crew centred around the Chemical Poets, a live hip-hop / noise / spoken word project featuring emcees Tickle, Texture and Harlequinade, and musicians Asthmatic Astronaut, Gung-Who and mo-seph. 

The label also incorporated the various collaborations and solo projects that span out of the Chemical Poets – free party legend and production supremo Morphamish incorporated his Audiodacity label into BLM after collaborating with Texture as Double Helix in 2007, while Gung-Who and Harlequinade’s groundbreaking post-rap project Sileni, the focus of their successful ‘Neverzone’ live sessions, also came on board, as did Tickle, releasing EPs with producer Salem Anders as Burning Bright.

Exciting Times released on Ephedrina by Hamish Campbell

Excursio Numerus Centum (Volume 2) - Ephedrina 

Various, 1 Morphamish track 'Exciting Times' included on a 4 volume compilation compiled to celebrate the Rome based label's 100th release

Free Release as part of Ephedrina 100 (vol 2)

Download the whole compilation for here >…volume-2/

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